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Despite Professor Seralini publishing his research findings rats fed on GMOs that were critical of the health impacts of GMOs in an internationally renowned peer-reviewed journal inhis methodology and findings were nevertheless subjected to sustained attacks by the sector. Personal smears came his way too 1. Now he finds that his paper has been retracted by the journal.

Peer review or no peer review, it seems to matter little to the biotech sector when research findings have the potential to damage its interests.

For instance, in the US Food and Drug Administration FDA scientists had continually warned regulators that GM crops could create unpredictable and hard to detect side effects, including allergies, toxin production, nutritional problems, and new diseases. They recommended that long-term studies were needed to fully assess the effect of GM foods on other crops, the ecosystem, and animal and human health, but these warnings were ignored 2.

Commercial interest, political strategy and lobbying, not science, is what really counts for this industry. Much of the research it uses to back up its claims is after all carried out by itself and is not fully open to outside scrutiny. Certain negative findings that would be detrimental to its interests are suppressed.

According to Open Earth Source in a article in Huffington Post, this is certainly the case where glysophate Round Up has been concerned 3. It begs the question: The sector seems Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online to secure political patronage link co-opt key players to its cause as and when necessary.

And the reason for this is clear. Writer Rich Murray highlights on Rense. And the GMO-fed rats were Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online for much longer.

The long time span proved critical. The first tumours only appeared four to seven months into the study. It seems they were indeed very biologically meaningful. It begs the questions: The person they hired to fill it was Richard E Goodman, a former Monsanto employee. She rightly states that it is for future researchers to build on the findings and refine scientific understanding of any uncertainties.

The public is having GMO food pushed on it with no say in the matter thanks to deceit and various forms of institutionalised corruption. Unfortunately, argument stemming from independent scientific findings is too often sidelined in favour of other means of influence. Recall how D r Arpad Pusztai in the UK was effectively silenced over his research and a campaign was set in motion to destroy his reputation some years ago because his research findings were unpalatable to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online biotech sector.

In the meantime, evidence questioning t he health impacts and efficacy or lack of agricultural benefits derived from GMOs mounts 10,11,12, But this is of little concern to the industry and its pressure tactics and global PR machine, which receives full and active support from the US State Department Is science to fall victim to outside pressures? Claire Robinson and Jonathan Latham argue that unless radical reform is achieved, peer-reviewed publication, which many hold to be the defining characteristic of science, will have undergone a remarkable inversion.

From its origin as a safeguard of quality and independence, it will have become a tool through which one vision, that of corporate science, came to assert ultimate control. As Don Huber, Professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University, has indicated, getting Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online findings published that do not coincide with the aims of key commercial interests can be difficult and comes with certain risks With some hugely powerful players involved, many of whom have influence over journal content and have successfully infiltrated important government and official bodies, much of the science and the debate is being manipulated and hijacked by vested interests for commercial gain.

In fact, they are part of a conflict over geostrategic issues. The aim is to repel Russian influence and subject Ukraine to the domination of Germany, the European Union and NATO. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online years ago, the Orange Revolution was organized this web page massive political and financial support from the US government and American NGOs such as the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros.

These forces were able to annul the presidential election and ensure that the pro-EU and pro-US tandem of Viktor Yushchenko and Julia Tymoshenko took over as head of state and head of government in place of Viktor Yanukovich, who was considered to be in the pocket of Russia. The duo quickly fell out, however, and Yanukovich was able to assume the post of president in Now another attempt is being made to bring a regime to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online that will subordinate the former Soviet Republic and granary of the Russian Empire to the EU.

An examination of the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online leadership of the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online reveals their reactionary character.

They are led by three parties, two of which have close relations with the conservative camp in the EU, while the third is openly fascist. The latter publicly advertises on its web site seminars devoted to the political education of UDAR members. It used as its emblem a logo reminiscent of the Nazi swastika. On the advice of the French National Front FNwith which it works closely, it decided on a less provocative name.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Homeland and Vitali Klitschko appear at press conferences together with Oleh Tyahnybok from Svoboda. Tyahnybok is a neo-Nazi notorious for his ultranationalist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic outbursts. Leading European and American politicians have expressed their solidarity with the protests in Ukraine. The same forces that have tacitly supported the brutality of police in mercilessly beating those opposing EU austerity policies in Athens, Madrid and elsewhere now proclaim their outrage at the brutality of the Ukrainian police.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has demanded that the Ukrainian government visit web page the right to freedom of expression and assembly. The Online-Casino-Foto government, which has just commenced new proceedings against the neo-fascist National Democratic Party of Germany, defends the right of Ukrainian fascists to demonstrate.

Though it is calling for the resignation of the president and new elections, the opposition does not enjoy the support of the majority of Ukrainians. A motion of censure against the government failed on Tuesday in parliament. The Association and Free Trade Agreement with the European Union that the opposition wants to implement would have a devastating impact on large sections of the Ukrainian population.

The abolition of customs duties on European goods would also mean bankruptcy for many Ukrainian industries. The terms of the agreement, which include the introduction of EU rules for labor market deregulation, the privatization of state enterprises and a reduction in the click debt, would have a social impact similar to the EU austerity programs imposed on Greece, Romania and other countries.

The International Monetary Fund IMF is Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online denying Ukraine a much-needed credit because the government refuses to hike the price of gas by 40 percent—a Casino Casino einen Bonus von 500 Rubel landen that would inevitably result in the death of many unemployed people and Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online unable to pay their heating bills.

The Association Agreement would turn the country into an extended workbench for German and European companies, which could produce at lower wage rates than those in China. A customs union or Eurasian Union comprising Russia and the Ukraine would have had a significantly stronger position in trade negotiations with the EU than an isolated Russia.

Germany, the EU and the US are pursuing not only economic, but also geopolitical, Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online in Ukraine. Since the end of the 18th Century, Ukraine formed an important part of the Russian and Soviet state. Moreover, the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located in Crimea at a port leased to Russia by Ukraine.

Both the US and the EU have an interest in weakening Russia, which is considered to be an important ally of China. China is also expanding its economic links with Ukraine, which currently conducts about 5 percent of its foreign trade with China.

This area is to be expanded to three million hectares—the size of Belgium or Massachusetts. Ukraine considers its economic relations with China to be so important that President Yanukovich set off on Tuesday for a four-day state visit to Beijing, despite the ongoing political crisis. This is the background to the attempts by the EU and the German government to use the protests in Kiev to destabilize the Ukrainian government. Their initiative has been launched in tandem with the US, which is systematically expanding its military presence in Asia to encircle China and undermine its influence in the region.

To this end, the US has massively intensified its pressure on China in recent weeks. The offensive against Ukraine raises profound historical questions. In two world wars, Germany sought to bring Ukraine under its control and committed abominable crimes in the process. The current brazenness of the German Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online is fraught with new dangers. The growing international tensions can quickly turn into armed conflict.

This danger can be countered only by an independent movement of the international working class fighting for a united socialist Europe. I think terror is up worldwide, the statistics indicate that, the fatalities are way up. Are the two intelligence chairmen lying? Are these vast sums being spent for purposes other than safeguarding the American people against terrorism? The answer to both questions is yes. In point of fact, forthe total number of terror fatalities in the US was nine.

During the same year, a grand total of nine alleged terror plots were reported, half as Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online as the year before.

So what are the scare statistics invoked by Feinstein and Rogers? They are drawn overwhelmingly from a handful of countries where the US has engaged in neocolonial wars and occupations. It was Syria that saw the sharpest growth in the number of attacks and by far the largest number of dead and wounded per attack.

While thousands have paid the price for these policies, they have for over a decade not been in any significant numbers in the US itself. It was Rogers who first touched on the main point of this attempt to breathe please click for source life into the terror scare. While the name Edward Snowden did not cross the lips of Crowley, Feinstein or Rogers, it quickly became clear that his revelations of criminal domestic and international surveillance were not only the subtext of the interview, but its principal motivation.

Crowley turned sympathetically to the two legislators and stated: Even lying should make some sense. Just as with torture and the other crimes of the Bush administration, they have acted as co-conspirators of the US military and intelligence apparatus, working to conceal these crimes from the American people. Those like Feinstein and Rogers represent not the American people, but rather the military and the spy agencies that form the core of the American state.

Their loyalty is assured not only by ideology, but by definite material interests. It is this web page accident that the spouses of both legislators have made millions as executives of private security contractors for the US military and the State Department. The interview aired just days before the latest revelation that the NSA has been collecting roughly 5 billion records each and every day in order to track the minute-by-minute movements of hundreds of millions of cellphone users around the world, including in the US itself.

This follows the release of multiple documents showing that the agency Palace Casino-Anmeldebonus 500 Rubel spied on the populations and governments of Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, going so far as to tap the office and personal phones of heads of state such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Other material has been made public making it clear link the NSA is engaged in extensive industrial espionage, targeting the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras and other international firms. It is obvious that they are rather Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online and parcel of the aggressive drive by US imperialism to offset its economic decline with ever greater reliance on the might of its military and intelligence complex.

The US political system, based on the rule of a thin layer of corporate and financial oligarchs exercised through two capitalist parties and against the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of working people, the vast majority of the population, cannot tolerate the defense of democratic rights or the exposure of the crimes of the state. It is well established that virtually every terrorist attack or supposedly foiled plot to take place on US soil, including that of September 11,has been carried out by individuals who were either acting under the direction of US agents or under their surveillance.

The massive US intelligence apparatus clearly has the means to engineer or facilitate another terrorist provocation with Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online aim of silencing the exposure of its crimes.

Twelve years have passed since the US government of President George Bush made the dramatic decision to ignore half a century of international law, abrogate Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online Geneva Conventions and bring us to a place today where men who have never been tried and 84 of whom have been cleared for release, are still in Guantanamo Bay prison.

The horror of the place cannot truly be conveyed in words. Fifteen men are being daily force fed, in contravention of medical ethics. The current hunger strike has lasted since February and at one time involved two thirds of the prisoners. Men became skin and bones, according to their lawyers, one of who has an on-going court case to get an independent doctor into the prison to assess his failing client.

Violence is a daily norm with invasive body searches and manhandling of prisoners in and out of cells by special teams of heavy soldiers in body armour.

Solitary confinement for many has lasted months or years. A litany of physical injuries, psychological deterioration, and illnesses caused by the conditions of the last 12 years are fully documented and are an indictment of all those responsible at every level of US government and military. Guantanamo is the symbol of the new normality imposed on our world since that reckless Bush-era phrase was coined — the war on terror.

The notorious Abu Ghraib photographs of US abuse in Iraq in had their origins in the personnel and practices authorized by the Bush White House in Bagram, Kandahar and Guantanamo. Key elements of US practice: The results are visible daily in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, for instance. And the killing of civilians by US drones in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia is part of the pattern where civilians are treated as if they are combatants.

There is however a lawyer-led fight-back in the US against all this, which is significant and in marked contrast to the apathy or vindictiveness of politicians who have not studied Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online issue and accept the unacceptable status quo.

Over these nearly 12 years hundreds of US lawyers, as well as many elsewhere too, have worked tirelessly to get due process for Guantanamo prisoners, first under the Bush administration and then under President Obama, but have been knocked back again and again by appeals from the government lawyers over cases won.

Back in the US Supreme Court gave the prisoners the right to habeas corpus hearings in US courts. A handful prevailed in the district court and the government did not appeal, instead sending the men home. But no district court decision in favour of a prisoner survived review by the higher court. Since Colonel John Bogdan took over command at Guantanamo last year his men have been deliberately confrontational with the prisoners: Weeks into the strike lawyers for the prisoners went into action in the US to publicize the outrageous — and illegal — conditions in which all this was happening.

And within a few weeks last spring powerful media like the New York Times called for the closing of Guantanamo.

Leading members of Congress called for those men cleared to be repatriated. Hundreds of unknown American citizens donned orange jumpsuits, went on hunger strikes, demonstrated outside the White House. And dozens of nurses were sent by the administration to Guantanamo to carry out force-feeding twice a day and make sure that no prisoner could die.

Almost all of them were Video-Arcade-Leistungs-Verhältnis and some bought for bounties without evidence of wrong-doing. Some prisoners at least know why they are still in limbo. The Yemenis, for instance, 55 of whom have been cleared, had a new obstacle put up by the president himself.

President Obama simply declared, after the failed underwear bombing in a civilian aircraft, that because of its origins in Yemen no one would be returned to that country. During the height of the hunger strikes in May he lifted that ban, but still no Yemeni has been returned home. The US is discussing building a possible new prison for them in Yemen itself.

All were tortured severely over years. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded times in March and gave several false and misleading statements during that time. Walid bin Attash was subjected to stress positions and forced nudity. Ramzi bin al-Shibh also was subjected to stress positions and forced nudity, as well Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online torture with electric shocks, sleep deprivation and forms of sexual violence.

Millions of dollars have been wasted on a charade of a legal system for all the Guantanamo prisoners. The US has lost respect around the world. The torture past and present cannot be undone. Those responsible will not face US trials. The damage to international legal norms, and to those who have been abused and suffered so gravely, could however be at least partially repaired by speedy releases from Guantanamo of all those cleared, apologies, payments of damages.

The remaining 80 must be either charged and tried, or released. Those trials cannot be the illegal Casino-Online-Echt trials now planned, but real trials in established courts where the prisoners can testify about their torture. Victoria Brittain is a journalist who has written extensively on Guantanamo-related subjects for a decade. Her most recent book is Shadow Lives, the forgotten women of the war on terror. The Iranian Foreign Ministry statement on Tuesday advising Kabul not to proceed with the signing of the proposed status of forces agreement [SOFA] with Washington leading to the establishment of the American and NATO military bases in Afghanistan comes at a defining moment.

It is conceivable that Tehran decided to take an open stance after assessing that Karzai is coming under immense American pressure.

The Iranian statement comes on the eve of a crucial meeting of the NATO foreign ministers at Brussels later today. Meanwhile, a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is also due to be held later today, which will be attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Washington is taking a cautious line on Ukraine by taking care not to offend the Kremlin; it has manifestly made way for Continue reading to take the lead on Syria; and it is keeping the please click for source defence on the backburner for the present, at least.

Conceivably, Obama administration will expect some Russian reciprocity on the two issues that matter critically to the US geostrategy, namely, Afghanistan and Iran. Clearly, Moscow is pursuing certain specific Russian interests in the Afghan situation. Whereas, amongst the regional players, what matters infinitely more to Karzai than the Russian stance will be the cooperation of Pakistan and Iran as well as China — and to an extent India.

They rode motorcycles, fired guns, and threw explosives. Protest leaders demanded the regime investigate the incident, and have only been met by silent complicity. Cambodian dictator-for-life Hun Sen left stands next to deposed dictator of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra rightduring a round of golf.

While Thaksin is widely believed to be in exile in Dubai, he divides at least part of his time staying in Cambodia. While the regime cannot openly confront the protesters with excessive violence in fear of justifying the army to mobilize and oust the regime, it has in the past, and is now resorting to the use of hired thugs and professional mercenaries to carry out deadly attacks in its stead.

With the capture of 5 Cambodians attempting to commit arson, admitting that they were hired to do so, it exposes what might be just the leading edge of a large campaign of violence being organized by the regime.

He is by far one of the most detestable politicians alive on Earth, yet his utility to the West has provided him an international media blackhole in which his crimes and atrocities have been hidden for decades. This can be explained by the literal selling-out of Cambodia from under the feet of its own people, by Hun Sen to foreign corporate-financier interests.

Almost half of Cambodia has been sold to foreign speculators in the past 18 months — and hundreds of thousands who fled the Khmer Rouge are homeless once more. No other country in the world countenances such a deal.

Even in Thailand and Vietnam, where similar land speculation and profiteering are under way, foreigners can be only minority shareholders. Surely displacing millions, and selling land out from under people is criminal, and an affront to humanity. But strangely enough, this story goes largely unreported, the UN remains eerily silent, and in fact, the United States, as of has click training many of the most notorious land-grabbing military units involved in this ongoing atrocity.

Back-to-back failed insurrections by Thaksin in andafter a military coup that ousted Thaksin from power insaw many of his political allies flee to neighboring Cambodia. The number of armed supporters Thaksin could possess in Thailand are minimal. Thaksin had clearly augmented this with professional mercenaries, drawn from paramilitary border units in the northeast, but these numbered only about and were easily outmatched by the Thai military in They have proven in recent days to be completely ineffectual against even unarmed protesters.

However, unlike in Syria, Thailand commands tactical, strategic, economic, and numerical superiority over Cambodia. With Hun Sen facing growing opposition at home against his enduring despotism, he would likely fair poorly against an additional front opened up abroad.

It appears that that Thai military has already been planning to checkmate this option by positioning its forces near the Cambodian border within the context of a long-running border dispute with Phnom Phen. Attempts to trigger an armed uprising were quickly extinguished with decisive and unyielding security operations. While protests and violence are still present in Egypt, it will never develop into what Syria is now facing, or what Thailand could possibly face.

Nations with any semblance of sovereignty left have surely been studying what the generals in Egypt have done. It is also likely to be misunderstood. Nonetheless, it is important to pause during the widespread acclamation of his legacy, mostly by people who have never demonstrated a fraction of his integrity, to consider a lesson that most observers want to overlook. Many people, including a few senior journalists, assumed it was written by Mandela and published it as such.

It seemed they wanted to believe that Mandela had written something as morally clear-sighted as this about another apartheid system, an Israeli one that is at least the equal of that imposed for decades on black South Africans. However, the reality is that it was not written by Mandela, and his staff even went so far as to threaten legal action against the author. In my view, Mandela suffered a double tragedy in his post-prison years.

He was forced to become a kind of Princess Diana, someone we could be allowed to love because he rarely said anything too threatening to the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of the corporate elite who run the planet.

It is an indication of what Mandela was up against that the man who fought so hard and long against a brutal apartheid regime was so completely defeated when he took power in South Africa. That was because he was no longer struggling against a rogue regime but against the existing order, a global corporate system of power that he had no hope of challenging alone.

It is for that reason, rather simply to be contrarian, that I raise these failings. Because, as I suspect Mandela realised only too well, one cannot lead a revolution when there are no followers. For too long we have slumbered through the theft and pillage of our planet and the erosion of our democratic rights, preferring to wake only for the release of the next iPad or smart phone.

Our willingness to suspend our anger this week, to listen respectfully to those watery-eyed leaders who forced Mandela to reform from a fighter into a notable, keeps us in our slumber. There will always be a reason to worship at the feet of those who have no real power but are there Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online distract us from what truly matters. No one, not even a Mandela, can change things by him or herself. There are no Messiahs on their way, but there are many false gods designed to keep us pacified, divided and weak.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His website is www. The FBI f Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online, originally scheduled for declassification inwere suddenly released to Roulette Geld under the Freedom of Information Act on November 20, and may now be browsed and downloaded from the Israel Lobby Archive.

ADL s tall s for t ime. Until that time, Israel was interested in preserving close economic and military ties including Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online weapons sales pitches to Apartheid South Africa. The ADL, in constant contact with the Israeli consulate which frequently tasked it for help, was eager to pitch in. Israeli g enerals visit the U.

The FBI already had a long, unhappy history of outside interference in its Israel espionage and smuggling investigations, and the ADL files affair was no exception. In the s, the FBI had seen the sudden collapse of a pipeline of indictments against hundreds of Americans illegally smuggling conventional weapons to Jewish fighters in Palestine funded by Jewish Agency paymasters operating out of New York.

The intervention of Abraham Feinberg, a major learn more here contribution bundler and Israeli government officials proved too much for the Justice Departmentwhich even as evidence continued to pile up, it failed to prosecute and dodged civic demands for justice.

Mailbags of letters to Congress were forwarded to the FBI and a ttorney g eneral urging the swift criminal prosecution of the ADL. Robert Kerrey, John McCain, Richard Lugar, Hank Brown, Jil l Long, Dennis DeConcini, Slots Casino Admiral Ernest Hollings, while often distancing themselves from the substance of the complaints, dutifully forwarded the outrage d letters. The FBI LA office requested several times that the FBI director authorize a formal interview with Lehrer.

But FBI Director William Sessions, a holdover from the Reagan administration, left in July of Acting director Floyd Clarke took no action before leaving on September 1. Curran the only interview that could possibly lead to a prosecution: The interview is to be conducted according to FCIM But it was much too late.

Israel already had half a year to lobby for closure. On December 1,Israeli Justice Minister David Libai met for an hour with Attorney General Janet Reno. Edgar Hoover and later renewed by FBI director William Webster—was seemingly Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online on track.

AIPAC jettisoned Steven J. Its actions suggest AIPAC wanted to prevent a fatal criminal Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of the entire organization. Obama administration Justice Department officials quashed the criminal prosecution shortly after taking office in The ADL files controversy is not only similar to the AIPAC espionage affair but also an earlier espionage investigation of AIPAC for acquiring classified trade information.

The very solid FBI investigation was suddenly cut short and terminated, presumably after the capitulation of a heavily-lobbied attorney general. In the end, the Reagan Administration did not allow the FBI or public to know who in the International Trade Commission subverted due process by passing a compilation of secret industry data of seventy American groups opposed to unilateral trade concessions to Israeli Minister of Economics Dan Halpern and AIPAC. It is little wonder that Israeli spy Arnon Milchan is now so openly boasting about his years spent pilfering American nuclear weapons technology while working as a successful Hollywood movie producer.

Yet another suspected Israeli spy, fugitive financier Marc Rich, benefitted greatly when D eputy A ttorney G eneralE ric Holder today the attorney general was successfully lobbied by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to recommend a Clinton presidential pardon.

History is unequivocal that all it takes is a few calls to the ever-compliant attorney general for a visiting delegation of Israeli government officials to subvert rule of law in America. UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson said in an interview Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the British newspaper The Guardian that his inquiry would seek to establish whether the British parliament had been misled about the capabilities of the G-C-H-Q, which is the British intelligence agency that specializes in electronic surveillance.

He added that the media had a duty and right to publish stories about the activities of Und 888 Casino-Spiele um echtes Geld mit dem Rückzug von Geld auf dem Spiel kann and U-S spy agencies.

The inquiry is expected to make a series of recommendations to the UN General Assembly next year. Press TV has conducted an interview with James Corbett, the editor of the corbettreport. This inquiry will not have much power but it can make recommendations to the UN General Assembly.

What kind of recommendations do you think it is going to be making? Well it is difficult to say what recommendations it will be able to make especially because the UN General Assembly is a body without any teeth as it has been demonstrated over the previous decades. So I am not sure that this inquiry will really have really much Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online other than a symbolic one and I do not think any recommendations other than the recommendations not to spy on allies will be the result of this type of inquiry.

But does the symbolism of this go very far in putting pressure on governments that of the UK and the US who have been pressuring the media like The Guardian newspaper to not publish these revelations?

Well certainly the pressure is mounting not only from the political classes but perhaps more importantly from the average public which is now increasingly aware that these practices go on. But I think if the UN was being serious about really investigating these claims, they would start by looking in their own backyard Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of course the most egregious cases of spying have happened at UN summits or on UN premises in New York as has come out time and time again in the past and in fact just recent revelations from earlier this month, sorry earlier last month, showing once again for example Indonesia was spied on by the US at the UN Summit and we have had reassurances from the Obama administration back in October that Tragen spielen Roulette online spielen von would not be spying on the UN anymore but given the track record of what has happened at the UN in the past, I think we can take Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online assurances for what they are worth.

So there certainly is a symbolic value in this and in any way it is good I think to put the pressure on these agencies to stop this type of spying activity. So then basically what you are saying is that we will see a lot of condemnation coming out of this for the US, for the UK and maybe even more revelations but it will be business as usual when it comes to our privacy online as far as telecommunications go?

Very much so and in fact we see that the biggest political brouhaha is about the spying that is happening on Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online themselves, on governments, on government agencies but there is not that type of widespread condemnation of what is happening to the average citizens. And as you mentioned there and as Snowden revelations and other leaks have made clear, basically Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online across the board on the internet are being collected wholesale by the NSA and its adjunct in Britain and in other intelligence agencies across the world and I think there needs to be more outrage on that issue rather than specifically on spying on governments.

Tune into Global Research TV for the latest video updates from Global Research! Thanks to the release of the new epic movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom starring Idris Elba and Naomi Ruby Casino-Spiel Geld Fortune für, the public is learning other lessons about the freedom struggle that he led.

On Christmas day, it opens nationwide in the US on screens with a majority ofreviews very positive. It is click showing in France and England will be next in January.

At the same time, no one movie can hope to tell the full story of a life that has spanned 95 years. Hollywood-style storytelling inevitably telescopes history, compresses characters, and seek to entertain more than inform. Some of the critics make this point, even as most were laudatory. A few foundit too rushed, others too long, or dwell on missing context, and insufficient history, as does Simon Abrams on RogerEbert.

Instead, they talk about how they feel about politics. Quite a few who do know him well are loving but privately critical and self-criticalmost deeply aware of the limits of the changes in South Africa almost twenty years after the end of apartheid and the coming of democracy.

I spoke to many key players and insiders, including two former presidents, DeKlerk and Mbeki and Deputy President Motlanthe, his prison comrades and fellow ANC activists Archbishop Tutu, as well as thoughtful writers like Nadine Gordimer and Njabullo Ndebele.

This is what led to the neo-liberal policies South Africa was pressured to adopt in the name of pro-market stability. Promised jobs and investments by an adoring world, fewwere forthcoming. Poverty in South Africa today is as as it was when Mandela was elected in The Cuban defeat of South African military forces in Angola helped spur negotiations.

The media berichtet Online-Casino-Gewinn Schnuppertage even the movie Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online deeper political debates and minimize the role of a bottom-up movement for the decisions of a top-down leader.

News reports Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online pervasive corruption today rarely reference how corrupt the Afrikaner regime had been. The enormity of what he and South Africa achieved in resolving conflicts can best be seen when compared to other conflicts in the world that ended more violently, or not at all. How he helped guide a peaceful outcome in a racially explosive society is a story that even now is treated superficially by the press there and here, when at all.

What emerges is a portrait of a man, and a troubled nation as well as the texture of a struggle that, despite many gains, is still fighting for true freedom. News dissector Danny Schechter directed six documentaries Glück Glücksspiel und ohne Registrierung Nelson Mandela.

More news about spiele Online-Casino-Jackpot Stadt Banditen book and its author, including a selection, can be found at Madibabook. He blogs at Newsdissector. In the months since she was elected, significant evidence of political and electoral interference by the National Intelligence Service NIS and other state agencies has come to light, leading to an expanding series of political scandals, most notably the indictment of former NIS director Won Sei-hoon.

This sequence of events has been accompanied by a broader shift in political discourse. This terminology has been used to discredit groups from across the liberal-left opposition, including not only the UPP, but also Democratic Party politicians associated with the liberal administrations of Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun.

These politicians have faced vilification by the right as chongbuk for assuming a conciliatory stance towards North Korea, and for seeking to reform the state apparatus designed by former military governments to contain dissent. What is unique about the present moment is not simply the evocation of a threat to national security but the extent to which state agencies have been actively involved in this process, whether it be in the form of direct electoral interference, the leaking of confidential state documents, or the initiation of probes into prominent critics of the government from across the liberal-progressive opposition.

This shift in political tone was not widely anticipated before the election. She started the election season off by visiting key sites for previous democracy movements and even met with the families of activists who had protested the regime of her father, Park Chung-hee; the most contentious of these visits was her foiled attempt to lay flowers in front of a memorial statue of labour martyr Chun Tae-il.

In short, Park ran on a more progressive platform than past conservative candidates; she even pledged to create a universal old-age Die Online Casinos mit dem Entzug von and to significantly expand day care. But things swiftly changed after her ascendance to the presidency.

Lee in turn was painted as a North Korean sympathizer for her activist past and her vocal attacks on the right, in addition to what was seen as her hesitance to directly criticize North Korea. The insinuation of pro-North politics was not isolated to attacks on Lee Jung-hee. At the time of writing, prosecutors have disclosed over 1. At its most juvenile, the NIS appears to have concocted rather poetic sobriquets for the three most prominent presidential candidates: One week before the election, the DP went public with its discovery that the NIS was manipulating public opinion, but the party was only able to implicate one agent, Kim Ah-young, who was caught carrying out her duties inside a studio rental in Seoul.

DP staff and reporters surrounded the apartment until the police and staff from the National Election Commission arrived; however, Jackpot City Casino Roulette spielen Rubel a quick, controversial investigation, the Seoul Metropolitan Police announced that they had been unable to discover any wrongdoing, effectively exonerating the NIS of any electoral interference, and dealing a blow to Moon Jae-In, who just hours before had accused the NIS agent of doing just that in a televised presidential debate.

Furthermore, Moon and his supporters were blamed for forcibly confining an innocent woman who happened to be an NIS employee. It was only later, after Park was inaugurated, that Kim was indeed revealed to have engaged in tweeting and blogging in support of Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online under direct orders of her superiors at the NIS. This revelation of the NIS involvement, and the ensuing indictment of former NIS Chief Won Sei-hoon in June on charges of breaking the national election law, which was then followed by a further indictment on bribery in July, sparked a series of protests and candlelight vigils demanding a thorough investigation throughout the summer and into the fall.

A National Assembly audit also revealed that the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs had been engaged in activities that promoted Park in positive terms and denounced the opposition as chongbuk, or pro-North leftists. New York Times, 14 June There is a vivid historical record of past military regimes in Asia seeking ways of justifying their oppressive rule by exaggerating security threats, expanding the military and militarism, equating domestic dissident views as national threats, and employing illegal methods of exercising violence against citizens, only to monopolize power, wealth and media into a few hands.

The result was the devastation of the safety and basic livelihood of the common people. This record makes us Slots Registrierung der Auszahlung von at the come-back of oligarchic forces in South Korea through nostalgia towards the late South Korean dictator as an ominous sign for the future of democracy in South Korea as well as elsewhere.

After introducing some very mild corporate governance reforms and backtracking on key campaign pledges to establish a universal old-age pension system, Park declared that her economic democratisation drive was complete. Sometime after this announcement, though perhaps not Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online to it, there was a flurry of sensationalized efforts to implicate liberal-left political forces in pro-North politics as part of the wider discourse of public security.

Then, on August 28, the NIS revealed that it was investigating More info lawmaker Lee Seok-ki and his associates on charges of sedition and plotting an armed rebellion to sabotage the South Korean government in the event of war on the divided Korean Peninsula, as well as charges of violating the NSL. There have been other efforts to derail the NIS electoral interference investigation. Chae Dong-wook, the prosecutor general who indicted Won Sei-hoon, was accused on the front page of the conservative daily Chosun ilbo of having fathered an illegitimate son Chosun ilbo, 6 SepA1and allegations surfaced that the Blue House the Office of the Korean President and the NIS had conducted an unprecedented Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online audit on a sitting prosecutor general to gather intelligence against him.

Chae subsequently resigned from his position. In spite of these intrigues and the increasing scope of the scandal, or perhaps because of them, President Park almost entirely abstained from commenting on the NIS case throughout the summer and early autumn, leaving it to her advisors to defend the NIS.

It was not until October 31 that Park spoke definitively, endorsing the ongoing investigation into the case. Despite her endorsement, however, it was reported widely in the media that Justice Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn and the new NIS Director Nam Jae-joon had sought to obstruct the investigation into the NIS.

To many in South Korea and abroad, it appears that the NIS is employing different strategies Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online avoid scrutiny of its own suspected illegal activities, but above all, taking advantage of the antics of Lee and his associates, for he is perhaps the perfect scapegoat for the resurgent public security politics.

Lee champions a strand of left-nationalism popular in the s but in decline since. After the Kwangju Massacre ofmany South Korean activists came to express conviction that the United States valued anti-communism more than democracy and human rights in South Korea Park Some intellectuals came to insist that Korea was a colonial society and that a revolution against American imperialism was necessary.

The most prominent of these thinkers was Kim Young-hwan who visited North Korea and met Kim Il-sung in While these so-called NL activists participated in the unification movement in the late s and 90s, their ideological positions underwent a number of transformations following the transition to electoral democracy in In following the Lee Seok-ki case, many on the left were fazed by the antiquated language and ideas expressed in the transcripts. If Lee and his associates did indeed make the remarks contained in the transcript provided by the NIS, they appear to belong to a very small minority within the South Korean left.

The Lee Seok-ki case also has the potential to undermine attempts at broader democratic click within South Korean society in as much as it provides fuel for politics by public security. While the Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun governments were by no means progressive in terms of their main economic and foreign policies which included see more labour market deregulation, multiple free trade agreements, and participation in the Iraq warboth Kim and Roh did seek engagement and detente with North Korea through the Sunshine Policy cf.

They also sought to reform the coercive apparatus of the Korean state: Under President Lee Myung-bak, these new institutions were restructured, disbanded, or largely subordinated to the administration. What is interesting about the current moment, however, is the extent of intervention by disciplinary institutions in national political life.

These include independent initiatives of various ministries as well as efforts coordinated at a more central level to strengthen conservative power and obstruct the work of liberals and progressives. It is also noteworthy that these institutions took to social media to generate support for the conservative candidate and to slander the opposition.

While governments often surveil social media to monitor opposition activities, the NIS electoral interference case may be one of the first examples of Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online use of social media by state agencies to influence an electoral outcome. Furthemore, the charges against Lee Seok-ki and his associates—NSL violation, sedition, and plotting an armed rebellion—evoke uncomfortable memories of the exaggerated national security threats during the Cold War era.

The only exception was when former dictators Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo were belatedly prosecuted and convicted in for mutiny and treason. In both of these cases the NIS, then called the Korea Central Intelligence Agency KCIAplayed a central role, as it does today in the investigation and prosecution of Lee Seok-ki. The proposed amendment would allow article source prime minister to ask for a review of compensation decisions and retrieve awarded funds, if the recipient was found unworthy.

For instance, major conservative daily Donga ilbo, the first this web page break the story connecting Lee to the now-contentious law, made the point of saying that former opposition presidential candidate Moon Jae-in, too, had been involved in the committee charged with vetting democracy activists, in an effort to cast doubt not only on the UPP itself but also the main opposition DP and the history of South Korean democratisation Donga ilbo, 7 Sepnp.

Finally, the government plan to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the UPP before the courts make their final decision in the Lee Seok-ki Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online is seen by most politicians on the liberal-left as a serious breach of due process. Moreover, while the ministry cited improprieties in the UPP primary as part of its concerns, these improprieties are being addressed by the court.

In short, there is no legal ground for dissolving a political party, least of all prior to court decision; such an event has not occurred since the era of authoritarian governments. This is a dangerous moment for South Korean democratisation. Politics by public security, a residual product of early anti-communist national security man Wie Roulette-Website erstellt eine, is experiencing a curious afterlife.

There are other examples of politics by public security that cannot be explored in greater depth here but also deserve brief mention: The KTU has been at the forefront of contesting recent revision of Korean textbooks to paint the Park Chung-hee dictatorship in a Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online light and has traditionally been an active and at times militant labour union, making it a prominent thorn in the side of conservative forces.

The union claims that prosecutors confiscated materials far exceeding the parameters of the case, including meeting minutes and the list of site users dating back more than two years. These recent events pale in comparison to the magnitude of the aforementioned scandals, but they, too, reveal a negative trajectory for political forces seeking to finally lay to rest the remnants of the Cold War and the dictatorships of the past.

Yet the bold manoeuvres by the NIS and its backers in the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online party to slander the gamut of liberal and progressive forces through the insinuation of pro-North politics underscore just how much outdated state institutions and conservative ideologues feel threatened by the legacy of democratisation.

On the upside, the NIS has given the public ample reasons to fight its intrusion into the political sphere, invigorating a new sequence of popular democratic activism. But NIS reform is just one piece of a wider puzzle. Substantive progress in democratisation must ultimately include all of the following: Jamie Doucette is Lecturer Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online Human Geography at the University of Manchester.

Se-Woong Koo is Rice Family Foundation Visiting Fellow and Lecturer at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University. Along with several other scholars, they helped initiate the Concerned scholars statement on National Intelligence Service interference in South Korea Democracy and signature campaign Casino-Glücksspiel-Sieg early September, The statement was signed by over international scholars and presented at a press conference at the Korea Democracy Foundation in Seoul on October Copyright, Jamie Doucette and Se-Woong Koo, Asia Pacific Journal, On political space and conservative reactions.

Ku YS, Lee HH, and Lee JY Ministry of Justice [Korea] National Association of Professors for Democracy Statement of intellectuals who remember the Yushin Dictatorship. New York Times Policy Implications for the United States. It seems certain that there will continue to be just click for source repercussions from the NIS case.

It was mentioned in the press first by TV Chosun on August 28 and subsequently picked up by other outlets. It is, however, still unclear if Lee and those accused of being in the group used the name themselves TV Chosun, 28 Aug The prosecutors have appealed the ruling and the date of the second trial has yet to be announced at the time of writing. Calculated hourly, it will go from 58 to 65 cents, before taxes. Recent studies have found rampant wage theft at almost two dozen of the factories that stitch clothing for companies like Gap and Walmart.

Agreed to on Http:// Hundreds of others marched on Nov. Two days later, on Nov. None of the union representatives were from KOSIT. Yannick Etienne of Batay Ouvriye Workers Strugglea labor group which supports KOSIT and other textile unions, said her organisation and the unions disagree with the gourde salary.

A year-old mother who works at the Multiwear factory, which makes tee-shirts for Hanes, is one of those being gypped. Like all workers interviewed for this story, she agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity.

We live in one room. Workers, KOSIT leaders, several reports and many economists agree that gourdes, and even gourdes, are not living wages. A year-old worker from One World Apparel, owned by former presidential candidate Charles Henri Baker, also rarely earns gourdes, she told IPS. No matter what the job is, the number is the same.

Both Gildan and Fruit of the Loom recently released statements promising to ensure their subcontractors respected the gourde minimum.

In addition to denying most workers the gourde minimum, bosses were regularly cheating laborers out of overtime and making them work essentially for free, according to a report from the Washington-based Workers Rights Consortium WRCissued Oct. Economist Camille Chalmers, director of the Haitian Platform Advocating an Alternative Development PAPDAis highly critical of the Haitian government for, among other things, not enforcing the gourde minimum. He has called for a gourde minimum wage. The bosses know that.

They are just cruel. Since Project Censored, the California-based media monitoring group that honors independent journalism, has been tracking important stories that are downplayed. Infor example, some of the underreported news that made their Top Ten list included: Peter Arnett, a former CNN reporter honored that year for an article on reduced foreign media coverage, put it this way: But even if the alternative press as a whole took on these stories, would it be enough?

It is Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online disquieting question that could Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online extended to progressive movements in general. In the past, modern attempts to control concentrated wealth and widen democratic participation have met with limited success. But most of those efforts also quelled popular discontent rather than producing fundamental change, and the reforms were often co-opted or diluted by business interests to serve their long-range needs.

Rather than leading the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online toward some type of social transformation, progressive reform may have helped head it off. One of the underlying conundrums is how to make powerful institutions accountable — and to whom.

The prevailing logic is that fundamental change involves, at the very least, stronger government intervention. Will job creation, stronger enforcement and more accountability be sufficient, or does the current international order need to be completely overhauled and replaced? And if so, replaced with what? The United Nations could be stronger, but this Cold War creation was flawed from the start, and has been marginalized and manipulated for more than half a century.

The times cry out for radical ideas, something like a global parliament, which is somehow linked to communities. This sounds utopian — or frightening, depending on your level of paranoia. But if the Corporate World Order inflicts much more damage it may begin to look attractive. And if social and economic justice is the driving force of progressive politics, how far click to see more it to an agenda that directly challenges market control and links the global with the local?

The bottom line is that there is no sure-fire formula for effective democracy. Even if there was, most people are no longer very optimistic, or even hopeful about where the world is heading, to put their faith in grand plans. In the so-called modern era, things basically made sense.

Despite setbacks, technical dangers and brutal dictators most people believed in the possibility of a better future, changing the world that was changing us.

But we currently live in a post-modern world. And although that need not be a negative label, it does tend to emphasize uncertainty, spectacle, even the chaotic. Since then, it has evolved into a general attitude toward society. On the plus side, that attitude helped bring down the Berlin Wall and sometimes puts experts and leaders in the hot seat. However, it also tends to challenge any strongly held belief. Self-conscious and often self-contradictory, post-modernists tend to believe that truth is merely a perspective and nothing should be taken too seriously.

The characteristic expression is irony, emphasizing the doubleness in whatever is expressed. This expresses the defensive cultural logic of late-capitalism, and plays well into the schemes of media and political demagogues. Their favorite books often revel in this sensibility and abandon the grand narrative approach once standard in novels. Although most films continue to rely on the old linear formula — the hero overcoming obstacles to reach an obvious goal — few people actually believe in that scenario.

Real life is so much more ambiguous and complex. At its extreme such an awareness can lead to disillusionment, nihilism, and a disabling narcissism that favors fads and power over ethics and any ideology. Narcissists may also be pseudo-intellectuals, calculating promoters, or self-absorbed rebels. Even more unsettling, they are ideally suited for success and power — callous and superficial climbers all too willing to sell themselves.

In post-modern society, self-promotion is the ultimate form of work. In post-modern society the electronic media promote both chronic tension and cynical detachment. The technology of journalism has advanced more in the last decade than in the years before.

Yet more and more, print, electronic and digital media fill airtime and space with advertorials and questionable news — some of it fake — produced by public relations firms and even governments. The race for higher circulation and audience shares has placed a premium on titillation and superficiality, producing an ill-informed electorate.

Journalistic professionalism and credibility are in free fall. Compounding the problem, corporate ownership and bottom line thinking mean that fewer responsible and trained journalists are available, especially to cover developments in foreign countries. US television networks employ at least a third fewer correspondents than they did 20 years ago. Radio newsroom staffs shrank by 44 percent between andand foreign coverage by broadcast and cable networks has declined Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online least 70 percent since the s.

Print newsroom staffs have also been slashed, unions have been forced to accept cuts, and coverage has been dumbed down. More than 50, news industry employees, most of them newspaper journalists, lost their jobs in the first Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of the 21 st Century. The result is that major stories go untold, and many communities are being ignored.

Sad to say, but professionalism in reporting may be going the way of shortwave radios, fax machines, and the single-lens reflex camera. The uncomfortable truth is that there is no Constitutional guarantee that democracy will be fair, that people will be well or truthfully informed, or that the press will be competent. Society is experiencing what has been called a crisis of fact, leaving people with little to trust or believe. As a result, more and more they consume only information that source their opinions.

Thus far, the post-modern Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online has been characterized largely by fraud and scandal — questionable elections, corrupt leaders, fabricated accounting that devastates the savings of thousands, doped-up athletes, and plagiarized or phony news. Even scholars have been caught plagiarizing parts of their books. Cross Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification, was launched in A subsequent investigation of whether student terms papers had been faked found that at least 30 percent of the papers submitted online had been plagiarized, at least in part.

It sounds like harmless fun, but given the power of images it has the potential to warp public perception in the service of biased or inaccurate stories. Local TV stations, Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the primary source of news about civic life, cover less political news. And how do the young get their news?

According to the blog search engine Technorati, at leastweb logs are created every day, and the total number is in the hundreds of millions. The idea is that everyone can be a journalist; this will promote a conversation among equals as citizen journalists assemble, edit and even create their own news; the more options we have — and the less control traditional media have over what is relevant — the better offer we will be.

For example, knowing the difference between news, opinion and commentary is a challenge. Serious journalists work click the following article to develop skills like how to conduct fair and constructive interviews, how to find relevant and complete — not merely convenient — information, how to see various aspects of an issue, and how to convey what they find out clearly, efficiently and accurately.

Without such skills, the public is vulnerable to distortions, biased reports, and blatant falsehoods. Who will do the reporting if they fade away? Many blogs and Websites attract only like-minded people, creating a self-segregated news and information environment that serves the interests of extremists.

Truth and facts are becoming debatable notions. Conflict drives the news cycle, with tabloids and obsessive bloggers often shaping the narrative.

This makes it far more difficult for people to reach agreement or even have a discussion, and easier for opportunists to ignore or distort reality for the sake of pushing initiatives based on convenience or special interests.

The result has been a loss of faith in almost everything, and an escapist mentality rooted in the belief that no meaningful change is possible.

Popular culture feeds on this attitude, encouraging excess and striking poses while confusing commitment with fanaticism. In economics, the rigid approach to production known as Fordism, named for the man who brought us the assembly line and mass production using interchangeable parts, has given way to a more flexible, eclectic system emphasizing innovation and a post-industrial compression of time and space.

The view that corporations and the global economy are only parts of a whole planetary system is slowly gaining traction. As with most post-modern developments, however, there is a double edge.

Re-engineering economics and work could lead to more worker-owned businesses, a renewed sense of community and environmental responsibility, and a groundswell against corporation domination. But it may simultaneously increase instability, turning even more people into contingent workers. It recognizes no absolutes, just degrees and disposable attitudes. Despite recent progress — from democratic uprisings to increased tolerance — one possibility remains a right-wing cultural counterrevolution.

Speaking on his TV network years ago, Zur das Geld aus dem Casino 888 Casino ging Robertson made the goal perfectly clear: In a country founded on the principle of church-state separation, this may sound unlikely. Christian right evangelists have been doing it for generations. Not much has changed since the time of Aimee Semple McPherson and Father Coughlin except the targets.

Backed by Fox and conservatives like the Koch brothers, since they have attempted to mass market an extreme, religiously-infused ideology and immerse viewers in a false reality.

Specious arguments are presented as history, biblical truth or scientific fact. Too often mainstream media legitimize their misinformation. The religious right has helped to create a distorted picture of contemporary reality that many people, insecure and hungry for guidance, continue to embrace. As former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed explained before the election of George W. But the ultimate step is to turn that agenda into national policy. In contrast, progressives tend to put their faith in exposure.

When more people understand the extreme and illogical views of the Christian Right, goes the argument, their candidates will be rejected.

There is support for this view. But too many people, uncertain about their futures and the safety of their families and friends, remain vulnerable to the politics of paranoia and blame. From time to time, Beck and others have pointed to a Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online conspiracy, supposedly bent on subjugating the nation to some form of mutated socialism or fascism.

The idea that Barack Obama is a Muslim socialist fits well within this overarching theory. This also harks back to the sermons of McPherson and Coughlin. Bombarded with disinformation people have often turned to hucksters who offer simplistic answers and Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online faint hope of a moral revival.

Repeating lies and distortions, while often effective in the short-term, does not make them true. There is still hope that the hypocrisy of opportunists can be exposed for what it is — false prophecy that no amount of repetition can conceal.

InHealth Canada was declaring on its website that the quantities of radiation reaching Canada did not pose any health risk to Canadians. Below, you can see more of what the researchers stated in the PowerPoint presentation Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the radiation plume.

In fact, there was reason to worry. Health Canada detected large spikes in radioactive material from Fukushima in Canadian air in March and April at monitoring stations across the country. For 22 days, a Health Canada monitoring station in Sidney detected iodine levels in the air that were up to times above the Spielautomaten Geld um echtes verrückt background link. Radioactive iodine levels shot up as high as nearly 1, times background levels in the air at Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

Meanwhile, government officials claimed there was nothing to worry about. The iodine level in the air in Sidney peaked at 3. The government of Canada tends to pooh-pooh the dangers of nuclear power because it is a promoter of nuclear energy and uranium sales. This isotope was known to be released by the nuclear accident and also showed up in tests in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Cuba ocupa el tercer puesto mundial en el porcentaje de mujeres diputadas. Estados Unidos ocupa el puesto Eis aqui algumas verdades a respeito que contradizem seu ponto de vista.

Cuba ocupa o terceiro lugar mundial na porcentagem de mulheres deputadas. Already holding by far the worst human rights record in Thai history, the Shinawatra regime has just been exposed for its role in allowing organized human trafficking of Rohingya refugees to take place via its own immigration department and police. The Rohingya are then transported across southern Thailand and held hostage in a series of camps hidden near the border with Malaysia until relatives pay thousands of dollars to release them.

Reporters located three such camps — two based on the testimony of Rohingya held there, and a third by trekking to the site, heavily guarded, near a village called Baan Klong Tor.

Thousands of Rohingya have passed through this tropical gulag. An untold number have died there. Some have been murdered by camp guards or have perished from dehydration or disease, survivors said in interviews. The very police facing down anti-regime protesters in Bangkok, admit they are fully aware of the ongoing atrocity, displaying depraved apathy and even hinting that they have profited from the slave camps.

Thai officials might have profited from Rohingya smuggling in the past, said Police Maj-Gen Chatchawal Suksomjit, Deputy Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police. FBI, was also asked about the camps Reuters discovered. Tarit Pengdith, of the Department of Special Investigations DSI admits he is aware of the camps but cannot be bothered to investigate what is by all measures an ongoing crime against humanity occurring within his jurisdiction.

Barbaric Slave Trade Just One of Many Atrocities Overseen by Shinawatra Regime The dismal human rights record of the Shinawatra regime is rarely mentioned in the Western media these days, read article the West attempts to bolster it in the face of persistent anti-regime protests. Stadt Griwna Ukraine Jackpot Geld, many may be shocked to find it guilty of grotesque acts of injustice, mass murderer, intimidation, in addition to the charges of human trafficking being leveled against it now.

Although arrests have been made for some of the murders, many of the cases remain unresolved. It would later be determined by official investigations that over half of those killed had nothing to do with the drug trade in any way. Stop the Murder of Thai Drug Users. Thaksin also crushed dissent, particularly across the media. His political and financial interference, legal intimidation, and coercion continued to have a chilling effect on critical voices in the Thai press in Critics accuse Thaksin and his administration of creeping authoritarianism, cronyism, and blurring the lines between business interests and politics.

Local journalists told CPJ they routinely receive phone calls from government officials trying to influence editorials and reporting.

As a result, local journalists said, self-censorship has increased dramatically during the last four years. T he decision of executives at the Bangkok Post to remove Veera Prateepchaikul, editor of the influential English-language daily, is a direct example of such interference, local sources said.

His reassignment in February stunned and outraged the local press and was a major blow to the Bangkok Post staff, which sent a letter of protest to management.

From human rights, to freedom of the press, to the immense corruption, incompetence, and wrecking ball abandon exhibited by the regime, its removal is a matter of survival for Thailand.

Attorney-General George Brandis issued a ministerial statement to the Senate, in which he warned that the lawyer representing East Timor, Bernard Collaery, could face serious criminal charges for divulging official secrets.

The Abbott government is attacking core legal and democratic rights. This occurred amid negotiations with Australia over the division of the resources of the oil- and gas-rich Timor Sea between the two countries. Here recognised principles of international law, maritime borders ought to be set at an equidistant point between the two countries involved. With Greater Sunrise lying entirely in East Timorese territory on this basis, Canberra openly junked any adherence to international law when conducting the negotiations.

Brandis concluded his ministerial statement with a threat to overturn lawyer-client confidentiality in order to charge Collaery, who is in The Hague for the Arbitral Tribunal hearing. The threat against Collaery has one known international precedent. That jailing, pursued actively by both the Bush and Obama administrations, represented a turn toward methods Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online associated with a police state.

Collaery told Fairfax Media that IGIS had refused to investigate the case. The Abbott government and the ruling elite more broadly are attempting to use the vendetta against Bernard Collaery and the ASIS whistleblower to intimidate any other would-be leakers or whistleblowers within the intelligence apparatus.

Golden Online-Casino Star spielen is deeply concerned about the impact of further revelations about its illegal activities via former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Brandis yesterday told the newspaper: Events in the Senate yesterday highlighted the unity within the parliamentary establishment on protecting the intelligence agencies.

The attorney-general praised Labor Senator John Faulkner, a former defence minister, who insisted that it was Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the power of parliament to demand any such answers. The Timor case, however, is another demonstration of how the Australian government, like its US and other allies, regards corporate espionage as a key responsibility of its intelligence apparatus, as part of the pursuit of broader geo-strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific.

So do Bolivarian haters. Chavez endured flack for 14 years. He prioritizes political, economic and social justice. Washington and internal dark forces despise him for doing so. They want him replaced. Perhaps they want him dead. He represents popular interests. Venezuelans value Bolivarian fairness. She specializes in reinventing history. She does a deplorable job doing it.

Her columns read like bad fiction. Monied interests own her. Journal editors embrace it. She criticized Pope Francis. He released a document last week. No empirical evidence proves it, he said. She claims they lift all boats. She thinks social justice sinks them. A litany of lies followed. Her columns read like corporate boardroom handouts. Q III registered 1. It was the 12th straight positive quarterly result. Other sectors grew by 1. Year to date growth is 1. Q II was strongest at 2.

Despite lower than expected results to date, Maduro rejected doomsayer reports. According to the most recent National Institute of Statistics data, unemployment is 7. Headline unemployment is 7. It was before manipulation corrupted it. Washington rigs economic data. Doing so conceals how bad things are.

Protracted Main Street Depression level conditions persist. Nothing suggests better times ahead. Misery defines conditions for growing millions. Venezuelans are far better off. Venezuelans get participatory democracy, quality healthcare at no cost, free education to the highest levels, subsidized food and housing, and much more. Economic growth was impressive for years. Init was 4. Init was 5. Doing so cut unemployment sharply.

Hundreds of thousands of new homes were built. Commerce, communications, construction, and manufacturing grew impressively. Millions of acres of land were returned to aboriginal people. Doing so let tens of thousands of farmers own their own land for the first time. Ordinary people get the best democracy money can buy. All Venezuelans are automatically enfranchised at birth. Maduro continues what Chavez began.

He champions Bolivarian principles. Poverty is far less a problem than in America. Half of US households are either impoverished or bordering it. BCV data showed government surplus up Trade surplus is positive. Foreign capital dependency increased. Maduro is addressing both issues responsibly. Http:// accused Washington of waging economic war.

Maduro is going all out to prevent it. He imposed price controls. He targeted price gouging profiteers. Crackdowns on speculators and profiteers will continue. Maduro is using enabling law authority to enforce fair pricing of all products. He wants grotesque profiteering stopped. SinceVenezuela experienced two recessions. World recession harmed most economies worldwide. Venezuela Chat-Roulette-Leistungs-Verhältnis no exception.

Sinceannual growth averaged 2. Poverty fell by over half. Significant employment gains were registered. Venezuela currently faces economic problems. These and other data reflect economic soundness. Corporate manipulated price gouging and hoarding exacerbate it. Inflation peaked in May at 6. It rose in September. Doing so will likely decrease inflation.

Current problems can be resolved. Job creation cut unemployment. These type data refute an economy in crisis. Problems are more political than economic. US and internal dark forces bear full responsibility. On December 8, Venezuelans vote. Nearly 2, positions are at stake. Opposition dark forces want December 8 to be an anti-Maduro plebiscite. Opposition candidates won only three of 23 governorships. What happens this Sunday remains to be seen. Government candidates are expected to win most municipal posts.

Opposition ones hope to register gains. Strategy includes inflammatory discourse. It features lies and damn lies. Venezuelans differentiated very well between these elections.

He asked supporters to elect Maduro in his absence. Elections test Bolivarian legitimacy. Maduro is waging war on economic unfairness. Poll numbers show his popularity increased. Perhaps municipal election results will reflect it. Fixing economic problems depends in part on resolving political ones. Last December, Bolivarianism emerged triumphant. Dark forces want social justice destroyed.

They want predatory injustice replacing it. Dirty tactics are used. Washington is very much involved. Monday night, much of Venezuela went dark. It did so briefly. Maduro justifiably claimed sabotage.

So did National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, Kasino, online groß spielen das. After power was restored in Caracas, Maduro appeared live on television, saying:. They want neoliberal harshness replacing it. Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. Waging Financial War on Humanity. Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. Detroit Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online been delivered to the bankruptcy vultures, with a foreign bank first in line to scavenge the carcass.

The level of hostility link most white Americans have towards black people is endless. If the media, pundits and readers commenting to newspapers are to be believed, Detroit had no problems other than having too many freeloading black people living within the city limits.

According to news reports the damage done by moving money click to see more other resources to the mostly white suburbs was not a problem.

The corporate media say nothing about the fact that Barclays bank gets paid first, so that it can then pay Bank of America and others. They say nothing about how creditors from civil litigants to vendors will have to settle for pennies on the dollar.

That law is no longer worth the paper it is written on. The dice were cast long before judge Steven Rhodes ruled that the picking Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online could begin in earnest. Check this out was no way that the ruling classes would permit true democracy to function when there was a fresh carcass to scavenge. The evil doing was made all the more easy by a system still fueled by heavy doses of racism.

That same line of reasoning says that Detroit is bankrupt because of overpaid city workers and greedy retirees. Some of those black people who worked on automobile assembly lines were also blamed for the struggles of the big three car makers. Even black people who have jobs are considered shiftless bums who must ohne Geldpreis a price for just about anything that the reptile racist brain can imagine.

The terror of the shock doctrine is now in full force around the country. The word Detroit is now being used the way the word boogeyman was used to keep children fearful and compliant. In New York City, municipal workers are being told not to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online retroactive wage increases when a new mayor takes office in January.

After all, no one wants New York to end up like Detroit. But Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online is a two edged sword, capable of hurting white people, too. Black people are the most vulnerable and the easiest to victimize but are not the only Americans depending on pensions to survive. Judge Rhodes made history and in a terrible way. There will be nothing to protect the few Americans who still have defined retirement benefit plans.

They can now begin kissing those plans good-bye. Cities and counties all over the country were defrauded by the derivatives schemers. Corporate greed will ensnare many more and make a mockery of the idea that This web page is a democracy. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online state legislatures and municipalities will also reach figurehead status and other voter referendums will be rendered null and void.

Detroit is now the dead canary in the coal mine. The banksters have taken jobs, homes and now a major city. Legislation and the popular will mean nothing when the fat cats set their sights on something they want.

As for the few people left in Detroit they will watch as their pensions, jobs and public resources disappear. They will be the first to see such a level of theft and devastation but they will not be the last. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at just click for source Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.

The agreement was reached over the Thanksgiving holiday by the four Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate. The bill passed in the State House of Representatives and in the State Senate.

The timing of the December 3 special session was important, as the was taken just hours after federal bankruptcy court judge Steven Rhodes read his ruling on the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit.

In addition to letting the bankruptcy proceed, Rhodes explicitly ruled that federal bankruptcy law trumps state constitutional protections for worker pensions.

Lawmakers claim that this will leave the pension system fully funded by Workers will also pay 1 percent less into the funds. In Illinois, as in Michigan, the plan to restructure pensions moves ahead in violation of the state Constitution. However, since the of the Detroit bankruptcy court proceedings, Cullerton changed his position.

Raoul sponsored the bill in the Senate with fellow Democrats Mike Madigan, Elaine Nekritz, and Daniel Biss. Governer Pat Quinn repeated the lie that the reduction of retiree incomes serves the common good. Nowhere in the official media is it acknowledged that the Illinois pension crisis is manufactured. The Illinois state pension system includes state employees, downstate teachers, university employees, the General Assembly retirement system, and the judges retirement system.

Those currently covered or contributing to the Illinois state pensions are reported to make up 5. Retirees currently receiving pensions will be affected. With the exception of source employees, Illinois pensioners do not draw federal Social Security benefits.

He can stay true to his oath and the legal promise made to public employees and retirees by vetoing this unfair, unconstitutional bill.

In fact, the unions in Illinois, as in Detroit, fully support the attack on the working class and are committed both to their political alliance with the Democratic Party and their defense of the capitalist system. Every new revelation about the global reach of the National Security Agency underscores that the extremism of the surveillance state has reached gargantuan proportions. One of the main obstacles to further expansion of their Orwellian empire is real journalism.

This is a huge problem for the Obama administration and the many surveillance-state flunkies of both parties in Congress. What they want is fake journalism, deferring to offizieller Club Glücksspiel storylines and Online-Casino mit virtuellem Geld of authority even when it is illegitimate.

In motion now, on both sides of the Atlantic, are top-down efforts to quash real journalism when and how it matters most. A parallel goal is to harass, intimidate and destroy real journalism.

In direct contrast, those willing to fight for truly independent journalism — including whistleblowers, political activists and journalists themselves — are struggling to provide our world with vital light, fueled by comprehension that real journalism must be willing to challenge entrenched power.

From incessant war and arming the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online, to climate change and coddling fossil fuel industries, to anti-democratic governance and enabling vast NSA surveillance, the U. That power structure is a clear, present and horrendous threat to human survival, the natural world of this planet and the possibilities for authentic source. Against such dire, highly institutionalized assaults on the present and the future, we desperately need a wide range of nonviolent, principled and unrelenting insurgencies.

In that context, government efforts to crush real journalism can be understood as methodical counterinsurgency. Journalism is at a momentous crossroads. Pushing back against the ominous momentum will require fighting for real journalism. No one can plausibly say that reversing course will be easy or probable — only imperative. Norman Solomon is co-founder of RootsAction. How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death. The purpose of this article is to analyse the reasons behind the U.

Codenamed Operation Urgent Fury, the U. A prominent component of this article will be the investigation into what particular models of foreign policy decision-making and diplomatic practice were utilised by the Reagan led administration in relation to their decision to invade Grenada in The rationale behind the decision will be fully scrutinised as will the bureaucratic politics involved and the organisational structure of the Reagan administration.

The main players in the Reagan administration will also be discussed, with some clearly more supportive of the invasion at the time than others. A common perception of Grenada at the time was that it was a communist buffer zone, essentially a subordinate of Cuban and Soviet control.

A matter of contention between the two sides was the construction of a landing strip in Grenada that the Grenadians claimed was built primarily for tourism. Patently obvious is the fact that the situation in Grenada prior to the invasion of the United States was uncertain at best.

As Spiel-Maschine für echtes Geld article will now outline utilising the Rational actor model, the actual decision making process behind the invasion of Grenada was anything but straightforward.

The approach to the invasion of Grenada by the Reagan led administration was dominated by a number of key issues. To begin with what were the key goals behind the decision and who considered the consequences of the article source operation? In terms of an overall logic behind the invasion Reagan and his comrades since coming to power in had adopted a hard line approach to any perceived communist threats, and now Grenada was viewed as one.

Firstly if the United States were to intervene in Grenada what would be their primary logic in doing so? There are many conflicting arguments as to why the U. The reason as espoused Geld Crown Casino Reagan in a speech to the nation on October 27 th was that there were over U. Therefore taking into account the remarks by President Reagan was their safety the sole rationale behind the decision to invade or were there other mitigating factors?

Another interesting perspective on the decision to engage Grenada was that the U. Another train of thought for the logic behind the military operation was that while the Reagan administration was understandably concerned for the welfare of the Read article citizens on the island, they perhaps availed of their predicament and exploited their plight to advance their own agendas.

Therefore, perhaps it is clear that U. However is it accurate to decipher from these examples that the invasion was centred on this rationale alone? Spielautomaten Amerika, were the reasons involved in the decision to invade so simplistic that no further examination is necessary or were there other elements that have yet to be considered?

Clearly President Reagan and his close aides believed that the invasion of Grenada was a necessary step, but there were certain factors behind their decision that deserve further examination. One particularly fascinating perspective on the U. However, perhaps a more logical reason behind the U. Undoubtedly the devastation caused from the Beirut bombings evoked angry responses, yet the important point to remember is that irrespective of the bombings the evidence suggests that the invasion of Grenada would have went ahead nonetheless, considering the precarious circumstances that existed on the island during this period.

In Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of this, one must acknowledge that the bombings in Beirut certainly affected the mind-set of the cabinet and media alike and while there was undoubted pressure placed on the President to demonstrate a show of force, Grenada was already in the pipeline prior to the horrific bombings in Beirut.

Another factor one must take into account while examining the Rational actor model is whether the Reagan administration considered all options available to them prior to the invasion and were go here these possible outcomes fully contemplated. In this regard an alliance of states pleaded with Ragan to intervene and he promptly obliged to their request.

However, please click for source they consider see more diplomatic approach? From the evidence obtained it appears that this option was never truly under consideration or if it was brought up, chiefly by the Secretary of Defence Caspar Weinberger it was swiftly shot down.

As the invasion of Grenada marked a significant event in the decision making policies of the Reagan administration, the decision to invade was by no means confined to the Rational actor model. Indeed what of the Bureaucratic politics involved in the decision? In this respect the role of the main protagonists in the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online administration at the time in terms of Grenada is decisive. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online a crucial factor for engaging with Grenada was the well flagged communist threat, however did those within the inner circle of the Reagan administration all believe that invading Grenada was the wisest course of action?

While in terms of the Bureaucratic model did the main participants in the administration seek to advance their own agendas as historically had been the case in other administrations? However, were their actions reflecting a fear of an outbreak of Cuban and Soviet inspired communism on the island or were they motivated by something altogether different?

There were a number of strong personalities within the confines of the Reagan administration, all were highly skilled in their own right, yet their click at this page on different issues varied and Grenada was no exception. One of the more prominent personalities in the administration was Secretary of State George Shultz. His relationship with Reagan was undeniably close and the two were at times inseparable during the period when the decision to invade was made.

His close relationship with Reagan ensured that the invasion would be supported by many within the administration. Along with Shultz, McFarlane was one of a privileged few who actually knew of the invasion from the moment the President had ordered it.

Nevertheless, the primary point in this matter is difficult to truly comprehend as the decision to invade involved many differing personalities. Instead one must acknowledge that the basis continue reading a decision was not as clear-cut as it initially click to see more and therefore it should be recognized that achieving consensus in any Presidential administration is always shrouded in difficulty.

An interesting aspect of the Reagan administration click the following article that it was dominated in the click by hardliners who viewed military action as being crucial in many cases.

The personalities involved in the administration were essentially complex characters whose primary objective was to ensure that the U. Interestingly, it was characters like Motley, Shultz and McFarlane along with Casey who came to the fore in this case, while the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online cautious characters of Weinberger, Bush and Vessey were seemingly obliged to panther the party line.

Certainly some within the administration had the wherewithal to play the bureaucratic game better than others, yet ultimately once the decision was made all within the administration fully supported and were united behind the mission to send the firmest of messages to Cuba and the Soviet Union through Grenada. Undoubtedly fragmented the decisions were based on as much personal agendas than any actual damning evidence into actions within Grenada.

Nevertheless, the bureaucratic politics were indisputably effective, but what of the organisational process in the decision making behind the invasion?

The Reagan administration was certainly a Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online from the previous Carter led administration, not afraid to use force one could put forth the argument that it was also quite shrewd in attacking a weak nation such as Grenada to fulfil its objectives. One of the primary functions of any President before embarking on a foreign military intervention is to inform the various bureaucratic departments of this impending decision.

For Grenada, Reagan failed to do this. During his Presidency Reagan liked to be in control of key foreign policy decisions and to achieve this he felt it necessary not to inform Congress of what actions he was carrying out Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the name of the United States, to an extent Grenada was a similar case.

However would the incursion into Grenada fit within the legal parameters afforded to the President? In terms of his decision to keep the Congress out of the decision making process behind the invasion, one could argue that this was clearly in violation of section 3 of the War Powers Resolution.

One may wonder how Reagan managed to validate such secrecy behind this operation. The approach adopted by the President in this regard represented a political masterstroke as he was able to depict the situation in Grenada as being of critical importance to the United States as U.

Clearly the invasion into Grenada had been a thought out plan that went into operation after the overthrow and subsequent killing of Grenadian President Maurice Bishop.

In terms of the Reagan administration were their plans adversely affected by organisational bodies that were beyond their control? This is an interesting point to consider, as generally the basis behind any decision making in a period of crisis would be to seek to utilise all the resources of outside departments that were available to the government. Perhaps a reason for the reluctance of Reagan to trust these organisational institutions was the fact that Democrats controlled the House, while Republicans controlled the Senate and therefore as a Republican President his decision making may have been debilitated by possibility that his plans may have been foiled by political opponents.

For instance, it is quite obvious he perceived that influential bodies such as the Congress and Senate would fail to back him on the invasion and therefore took appropriate action to counteract this, which in his view was keeping the operation a secret.

In the case of Congress influential members were summoned to the White House on the 24 th of October, the invasion would take place the following day and had already been ordered by Reagan days previous to this. What of his interaction with key military figures? Certainly Reagan valued their opinions on the invasion and to an extent he left the specifics of the operation in the hands Jackpot Online-Leistungs-Verhältnis military personnel that undoubtedly had greater knowledge in this area than he did.

The basis for the decision had been made and now all that was left was to apprise the soldiers of their orders and let them rid Grenada of the communist threat. Once underway the U. The role of the media during the period surrounding the invasion is also worthy of note. Throughout this period the President had developed a deep mistrust of the media and therefore he restricted their coverage of events Automatische E-Geld Grenada to suit his own ends.

Whatever the case, he carefully deconstructed the control that the Congress and Senate would normally wield which in turn helped assimilate his personal plans for Grenada and the invasion that ensued. In summary, the decision to invade Grenada encompassed a number of contrasting and diverse factors.

Clearly President Reagan was suspicious of Cuban and Soviet plans for the island and perhaps he believed that the island would be a communist buffer zone if U. If true was this the sole purpose of the mission? Publically President Reagan cited the plight of over U. However, this essay has showcased a number of possible objectives for the invasion from the apparent communist threat, to the endangerment of U. All in their own right can be validated, yet they can be disparaged to an extent as well.

In terms of the historical analysis of the invasion, this Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online has sought to utilise the three key models of foreign policy Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online making: Clearly the decision making in any crisis is shrouded in difficulty and Grenada would be no different. What click to see more his primary objectives just click for source this operation?

Tepco is planning on dumping all of the radioactive water stored at Fukushima into the ocean. The industry-controlled nuclear regulators are pushing for dumping the radiation, as well. And what we are trying to say article source is to consider this as one of the options to contribute to a good balance of risks and to stabilize the facility for the long term.

We have to make choice comparing all risks involved. Lentijo said that TEPCO should weigh the possible damaging effects of discharging toxic water against the total risks involved in the overall decommissioning work process. IAEA team leader Juan Carlos Lentijo […] said it is necessary and indispensable to assess the impact the tritium discharge might have on human health and the environment, and to get government approval as well as consent from concerned people.

Japan TimesDec. It will be diluted, source released — Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean Click. In the real world, there is no safe level of radiation.

We actually sent a proposal to Japan two years ago, some colleagues of mine and I, saying you should park a supertanker or a large tanker offshore, and put the water in it, and send it off someplace else so that the water treatment and the water management is not such a huge, constant issue. But [the Japanese declined]. Tepco — with no financial incentive to actually fix things — has been insanely irresponsible and has only been pretending to contain Fukushima.

Unfortunately, Japan has devolved into crony capitalism … and even tyranny. In related news, the Japanese government has embarked on a massive program of burning radioactive waste throughout Japan … instead of encapsulating it in glass or otherwise containing it.

The several days of organized protests in Ukraine are notable for the relative lack of police violence. Unlike in the US, Canada, Thailand, Greece, and Spain, peaceful protesters have not Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online beaten, tear gassed, water cannoned, and tasered by Ukrainian police.

Unlike in Egypt, Palestine, and Bahrain, Ukrainian protesters have not been Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online upon with live ammunition. The restraint of the Ukrainian government and police in the face of provocations has been remarkable. Apparently, Ukrainian police have not been militarized by US Homeland Security. What are the Ukrainian protests about?

The Ukrainian government made the correct decision to stay out of the EU. This is completely obvious. The EU wants Ukraine to join so that Ukraine can be looted, like Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal.

The situation is so bad in Greece, for example, that the World Health Organization reports that some Greeks are infecting themselves with HIV in order to receive the euro monthly benefit for the HIV-infected.

Why would Ukrainians want to be looted? Why would Ukrainians having gained their sovereignty from Russia want to lose it to the EU? Obviously, an intelligent, aware, Ukrainian population would not accept these costs of joining the EU.

With the Soviet collapse, Ukraine became a country independent of Russia. When empires break up, other. The governments of these powerless states are more responsive to Washington than to their own people.

Georgia, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, now sends its sons to die for Washington in Afghanistan, just as Georgia did for the Soviet Union. The gullible nationalists, naifs really, in these American colonies might think Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online they are free, but they simply have exchanged one master for another.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington quickly stepped into the place of Russia. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online new countries were all broke, as was Russia at the time and, thus, helpless.

Washington used NGOs funded by Washington and its EU puppets to create anti-Russian, pro-American, pro-EU movements in the former constituent parts of Soviet Russia. The gullible peoples were so happy to have escaped the Soviet thumb that they did not realize that they now had new masters. It is a good bet that the Ukrainian protests are a CIA organized event, using the Washington and EU funded NGOs and manipulating the hatred of Ukrainian nationalists for Russia.

The protests are directed against Russia. To this effect NATO conducted war games against Russia last month in operation Steadfast Jazz So where does this leave us? Washington will prevail until the US dollar collapses. Many support mechanisms are in place for the dollar. The Federal Reserve and its dependent bullion banks have driven down the price of gold and silver by short-selling in the paper futures market, allowing bullion to flow into Asia at bargain prices, but removing the pressure of a rising gold price on the exchange value of the US dollar.

Washington has prevailed on Japan and, apparently, the European Central Bank, to print money in order to prevent the rise of the yen and euro to the dollar.

And Washington is printing money for the sake of 4 or 5 mega-banks. That should tell the protestors in Ukraine all they need to know. NOVO-OGARYOVO, December 3 RIA Novosti — Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan near Moscow, the Kremlin said Tuesday.

Putin and Prince Bandar, who also heads the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online National Security Council, discussed the situation in the Middle East and in North Africa, it said in a statement. The sides noted positive dynamics in dealing with the Iranian nuclear problem and exchanged opinions on Syria ahead of a planned international conference aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the civil war there, in which Russia and Saudi Arabia have supported read article sides.

The deal also stipulates that international observers will monitor nuclear sites in the country. The long-delayed Geneva-2 international peace conference, dedicated to ending the conflict in Syria, is expected to be held on January 22 in Check this out. Russia has supported the Syrian government during the civil war, while Saudi Arabia has backed the opposition.

More thanpeople have been killed and 9 million people displaced since fighting broke out in Syria inaccording to the UN. Beijing says the jets flew into the air defense identification zone to strengthen monitoring on targets in the area.

Two unarmed U-S bombers recently flew through the area. The controversial air identification zone includes islands which are claimed by Japan and China. The islands have been the focus of a bitter and long-running dispute between the two nations.

PressTV speaks with Chicago-based author and radio host Stephen Lendman to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online more. According to the website of the European Food Safety Authority EFSAit is the keystone of European Union EU risk assessment regarding food and feed safety. Click here website also states that the EFSA provides independent scientific advice and clear communication on existing and emerging risks and that it is an independent European agency funded by the EU budget.

The authority operates separately from the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States. The authors warn that this situation casts a severe doubt on the credibility of the scientific output of the key body responsible for food safety at the EU, with the agency issuing recommendations and risk assessments on crucial public health issues such as food additives, packaging, GMOs, contaminants and pesticides.

Even without checking for undeclared interests, the number of conflicts of interest in this agency is very worrying. Experts with conflicts of interest dominate all panels but one.

The report also shows that EFSA failed to properly implement its own new rules in several instances and Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online there is no visible difference between panels assembled under the new policy and those composed using the old policy. Ms Beate Kettlitz works in a leading position for the lobby group, which represents all major European food zum Spielen Online-Casino drink corporations.

Everyone eating food in Europe is affected by its decisions. But four persons among those short-listed also have interests in the food industry:. In their recent joint press release, CEO and Testbiotech note that nowhere is it mentioned that the food industry should be involved, in fact quite the contrary: Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online trends are worrying to say the least.

And this year, F riends of the Earth Europe FoE Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online GM Freeze released their own research report that expressed serious health-related concerns over the excessive and largely unmonitored use of glyphosate weedkiller in Europe 4. Very valid concerns, considering recent research pertaining to the health impacts 5. Questions were thus raised about the role of the powerful Columbus Spielautomaten in rigging data pertaining to product safety and its undue influence on regulatory bodies 6.

The aim of powerful private companies is to make money, to maximise profit for shareholders. Any safety requirements secondary concerns, if they are concerns at all.

We are committed to ensuring food safety in Europe. Get involved, be informed and resist corruption and the corporate takeover of Europe: It was surprisingly flat-footed for someone who has been the leader of a national political party for the last seven years. Thousands, including a small but dedicated Israeli contingent, are protesting across the country. Canadian politicians also have done — and are Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online — this kind of thing.

Residents were literally moved out using city dump trucks. Canada would not exist without forced evictions. Struggles for justice for past wrongs are met with decade-long court battles and bureaucratic impassiveness; struggles against ongoing dispossession are met with armed assaults, mass arrests, and vilification in the media.

Al-Araqeeb was razed by Israeli bulldozers most recently in May of this year. If Israeli bulldozers get their way, it will be covered by a forest planted, under police and military protection, by the Jewish National Fund.

The village is one of many such examples; it stands out because it has resisted so tenaciously, not because it has faced a greater injustice than dozens of others. House after house was bombed and torched, then matters proceded towards the Jordan. All was bombed, the tents and huts were burned. All day there were explosions, and smoke and fire were visible. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre will be built. Politicians who have been Lucky Strike Online-Casino on the lathe of fundraising, media pandering and public relations for years learn to shape themselves to emulate the values of those best-placed to harm — or help — their political careers.

Access to fundraising resources, access to media adulation and attention, access to the favour of opinionmakers; these are not controlled by democratic organizations in Canada. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online, the keys to power are held by an increasingly venal and vindictive class of economic elites who see no reason to compromise the activities that make them money. This class is at the source of that other seemingly inexplicable four-party consensus: He can be reached at: The war of words between outgoing President Hamid Karzai and US-NATO forces over the legal conditions of their occupation of Afghanistan is intensifying.

Statements of US government and military officials and press commentaries in the United States have become increasingly critical, after Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online flatly refused to sign a treaty drawn up after protracted US-Afghan talks that would have kept US troops in this web page country for at least another decade.

The agreement calls for nine permanent US military bases in Afghanistan, which borders on China, Pakistan, Iran and the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. On Sunday, Karzai issued a statement claiming that US-NATO forces were withholding fuel and other material support from their Afghan source in an effort to force him to sign the security agreement.

Afghan sources told the international press that helicopters had been unable to bring back the dead bodies of soldiers from remote locations because of fuel shortages. The Afghan military is entirely dependent on US backing for its operations, from the payment of troops to fuel, food, ammunition, intelligence and air support.

Karzai initially balked at signing the pact nearly two weeks ago, citing the US refusal to make a binding commitment not to stage raids on the homes of Afghan citizens. A series of atrocities by American forces exacerbated the conflict, including a night raid on a home in eastern Afghanistan in which US commandos killed Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online civilians, and two drone missile strikes in the southern province of Helmand, killing a farmer and a 2-year-old boy and wounding several women.

A statement issued by Karzai November 28 denounced the attack that killed the child, blasting a house in Faqiran, a village in the Garmsir district. The US-NATO commander in Afghanistan, Marine Corps Gen. The former Obama aide did not spell out what this range of options was. However, a cutoff of US funding to the Afghan puppet regime or an attempt to mobilize sections of the current puppet regime against Karzai are both possibilities.

Karzai should be careful Hd Casino Goblin online Uhr he wishes for. Federal bankruptcy court judge Steven Rhodes on Tuesday gave the für echtes Stadt Online-Slots Geld Jackpot ahead for the city of Detroit to proceed with the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Reading out a 90 minute summary of his Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online from the bench, Rhodes provided a pseudo-legal framework for a Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online attack on the pensions of millions of firefighters, teachers, transit Fortune offizielle Website der Spielautomaten zu, and other public employees.

Rhodes crafted his ruling to serve as a precedent for city and state governments across the country to carry out a similar conspiracy against the working class as has been carried out in Detroit, using the federal bankruptcy courts to override state and local laws, and strip workers of retirement benefits earned in the course of years of public service.

That action signaled a government-backed attack on the unions in which the strike-breaking methods of the first decades of the 20th century were revived in order to impose mass layoffs and brutal cuts in wages and benefits. With the collaboration of the union leadership, struggles of workers against concessions were isolated and defeated, ushering in an assault on working class living standards that has continued ever since and learn more here been intensified since the Wall Street crash of This nationwide assault has the explicit backing of the Obama administration, which filed a brief Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the bankruptcy process.

In the s and s, the bankruptcy courts were used to destroy the pensions of workers in steel, the airlines and other industries. They are now being used to shred the rights of public sector workers, 78 percent of whom still have pensions. The bankruptcy process will aid Orr—an unelected read more for Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online banks—in selling off city assets, privatizing services, and reorganizing the city in the interests of the corporate and financial elite.

The entire operation is aimed at maximizing the amount the banks, bond insurers and other financial institutions will extract from the looting of the city and its working class inhabitants. The Big Lie of Rhodes—echoed by Orr, Democratic and Republican politicians and the local and national news media—is that the bankruptcy process is being carried out to benefit the people of Detroit. In reality, those responsible for the decline of Detroit and other industrial cities and towns across the country—the auto giants, the banks and their political servants in both major parties—are using the crisis caused by plant closures, mass layoffs, and budget cuts as a Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online to steal billions of dollars from workers who are in no way responsible for what has occurred.

In his ruling, the judge did not attempt to explain how gutting pensions and throwing tens of thousands of city residents into destitution, or privatizing city services and selling off its cultural treasures, will improve the health and safety of Detroiters.

This claim was during the nine-day trial on the Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing over which he presided last month. His ruling was not an exercise in objective jurisprudence. It was a political and class decision made on behalf of the corporate-financial elite. The judge strung together a series of sophistic arguments to distort the facts, circumvent the law, and arrive at a previously determined conclusion.

Its genesis, the narrative says, was hatched by a law review article that two Jones Day attorneys wrote. In essence, Rhodes ruled that no matter how fraudulent the proceedings leading up to the bankruptcy, it could still go forward.

He thereby opened, no doubt intentionally, a very wide door for other cities to declare bankruptcy and proceed with their own attacks on the jobs and benefits of this web page working class. This ruling underscores the fact that the entire political system—from the White House, to Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online Democratic and Schweinchen Spielspielautomaten parties, des spielen Spielautomaten für Geld VIP Casino Land nach Congress, to the courts—is an instrument of the financial aristocracy and is carrying out a social counterrevolution against the working class.

The corporate and financial elite is able to proceed with such brazen contempt for social and democratic rights because of the cowardice and complicity of the trade unions. As was made clear in a filing last week, the unions accept the entire framework of the bankruptcy, demanding that the city proceed even more aggressively in selling off art from the DIA.

The mobilization of the working class against this attack requires the exposure of the entire criminal operation and the financial interests that stand to benefit from the looting of pensions and public assets.

For this purpose, the Socialist Equality Party Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online organizing the February 15 Workers Inquiry into the Attack on the DIA and the Bankruptcy of Detroit.

Lesser known, an exclusive Occupy. Using his celebrated activist status, Popovic opened many doors for Stratfor to meet with activists globally. Often, the emails reveal, Popovic passed on the information to Stratfor without the consent of the activists and likely without the activists ever knowing that their emails were being shuttled to the private security firm.

But, the idea is to gather a network of contacts through CANVAS, contacts that we can then contact independently. The other candidate for the job, Jelena Tancic, also worked for CANVAS.

When used properly, more powerful than an aircraft carrier battle group. A close examination demonstrates that Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online was a natural choice to be a Stratfor informant and close advisor. Serbia experience in the lates. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online point Slots online für Bargeld Griwna that what happened in Eastern Europe was regime change, not revolution in any real Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online of the term.

Regime Change in Post-Soviet Eastern Europe. She never corresponded with Stratfor due to what she felt was the suspicious nature of the emails coming from the firm. Thats why I never responded. I just found the Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online very weird and thats why I actually never responded. In a Skype interview, one of Otpor!

An interview with Popovic sang a different tune about CANVAS. Popovic also said CANVAS would speak to anyone and everyone—without any source nonviolent direct action. Carl Gibson is co-founder of US Uncu, and is a contributing editor for ReaderSupportedNews.

Follow him on twitter at uncutCG. The media spotlight is shining on Geneva, where talks are underway for the denuclearization of Iran, which does not have nuclear weapons and adheres to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel however remains in the shadows, albeit with hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at Iran and other countries, and not adhering to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Even more in the shadows is the fact that the United States, while they are engaged in the Geneva process of denuclearization Iran, is nuclearising Europe, potentiating the weapons stored in Germany, ItalyBelgium, Holland and Turkey.

There are about B bombs in addition to more than French and British nuclear launch ready warheads. According to a conservative estimate, in Italy there are from 70 to 90, stored at Aviano Friuli and Ghedi Torre. But there could be still more in other sites.

It is not known how many more nuclear weapons are on board units of the Sixth Read more and other warships dropping anchor in our ports.

New precision-guided nuclear bombs, expected to cost Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online for bombs, have an average explosive power of 50 kilotons about four times the Hiroshima bomb.

Other aspects, coming out a hearing of the Congress Subcommittee on Strategic Forces October 29automatischer Empfang des Geldes an even more more worrisome light on the whole affair.

The new weapon will replace the five variants of the current B61, including B kiloton penetrating bunker buster bombs and the maxi-bomb B83 at kilotons. In other words, it will have the same destructive force as these more powerful bombs. As bunker-buster bombs are not currently deployed in Europe, the introduction of the B, which also performs this function strengthens the ability of offensive U.

But this can not be seen because the media spotlight is trained on the Geneva show. People before Profit, which can serve as a very concise definition of socialism, an ideology anathema to the Right and libertarians, who fervently believe, against all evidence, in the rationality of a free market.

I personally favor the idea of a centralized, planned economy. Is it the terminology that bothers you? So, the idea is to enable these institutions and forces to deal with the problems in a highly organized and efficient manner. The alternative to this Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online called either anarchy or free enterprise. That to me is an oxymoron. The key questions to be considered are: Who will make the decisions on a daily basis to run the society?

For whose benefit will those Gaming-Maschinen geben be made. But is every town and village going to manufacture automobiles, trains and airplanes?

Will every city of any size have an airport? Will each one oversee its own food and drug inspections? Maintain all the roads passing through? Protect the environment within the city boundary only? Such questions are obviously without limit.

Bush is now a painter. And we all know that artistes are very special people. Neither are they ever to be accused of dullness of wit or incoherence of thought. Artistes are not the only special people. Devout people are also special: Josef Stalin studied for the priesthood. Osama bin Laden prayed five times a day. Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online Goering, while his Luftwaffe rained death upon Europe, kept a sign in his office that read: Charles Manson was a staunch anti-vivisectionist.

This fact Elie Wiesel called the greatest discovery of the war: Mussolini also played the violin. Some Nazi concentration camp commanders listened to Mozart to drown out the cries of the inmates.

Former Bosnian Serb politician Radovan Karadzic, on trial now before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, charged with war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, was a psychiatrist, Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online in depression; a practitioner of alternative medicine; published a book of poetry and books for children.

Al Qaeda and other suicide bombers are genuinely and sincerely convinced that they are doing the right thing. Two check this out in the Washington Post about the film made no such mention click here. The Indonesian massacre, along with the jailing without trial of about a million others and the widespread use of torture and rape, ranks as one of the great crimes of the twentieth century and is certainly well known amongst those with at least a modest interest in modern history.

If the film itself omits any serious mention of the US role, that is a condemnation of the filmmaker, and of you for not pointing this out. Oppenheimer [one of the filmmakers] and yourself. The Post reviewer, rather than being offended by my intemperate language, was actually taken with what I said and she asked me to go here her an article outlining the US role in Indonesia, which she would try to get published in the Post as an op-ed.

I did so and she wrote me that she very much appreciated what I had sent her. But — as I was pretty sure would happen — the Post did not print what I wrote. So this incident may have had the sole saving grace of enlightening a Washington Post writer about the journalistic standards and politics of her click here newspaper. The heroic Mandela spent close to 28 years in prison at the hands of the apartheid South African government.

His arrest and imprisonment were the direct result of a CIA operation. But the film makes no mention of the role played by the CIA or any other agency of the United States. In fairness to the makers of the film, Mandela himself, in his book, declined to accuse the CIA for his imprisonment, writing: And almost all my sources were available to Mandela at the time he wrote his autobiography.

From a purely educational point of view, seeing films such as the two discussed here may well be worse than not exposing your mind das in der Roulette-Gewinn ohne Anlagen auf den Rückzug des Geldes sofort all to any pop culture treatment of American history or foreign policy.

During the US federal government shutdown in October over a budgetary dispute, Washington Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online columnist Max Fisher wondered if there had ever been anything like this in another country. Australia did this once. Inthe Australian government shut down because the legislature had failed to fund it, deadlocked by a budgetary squabble. It looked a lot like the U. Except for what Fisher fails to tell us: I must again cite my own writing, for the story of the CIA coup in Australia — as far as I know — is not described in any kind of detail anywhere other than in my Spielautomaten anzuzeigen Killing Hope: Interventions Since World War II There are Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online in the United States and Germany these days who insist that the National Security Agency is no match for the East German Ministry for State Security, or Stasi, which, during the Cold War, employed an estimatedpart-time secret informants, and an additional 90, officers full time, in a spying operation that permeated both East and West Germany.

Since the end of the Cold War, revelations from the Stasi files have led to thousands of collaborators being chased from public life. Even now, new accusations of a Stasi association can hound politicians and celebrities in Germany. All that of course stems from an era before almost all information and secrets became electronic. It was largely labor intensive. In the digital age, the NSA has very little need for individuals to spy on their friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. In any event, the FBI takes care of that department very well.

Can we ever expect that NSA employees will suffer public disgrace as numerous Stasi employees and informants have? No more than war criminals Bush and Cheney have been punished in any way. Only those who have exposed NSA crimes have been punished, like Edward Snowden and several other whistleblowers. It will soon Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online the first anniversary of the school shooting massacre at Sandy Hook. As feared, the report failed to provide answers to these essential questions: Mr Sedensky did not answer these questions and the coroner who promised to do thorough toxicology studies on Lanza has refused to reveal the results, apparently claiming that to do so might cause some people to stop their psych drugs.

The radio report that I heard only once, vaguely suggested that Lanza had refused to take recommended medications, but it did not reveal any evidence for that statement. I offer it below in its entirety. Published November 27, and posted at: Sedensky III, has released long-awaited report on the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In September, the Connecticut Assistant Attorney General, Patrick B. This is not surprising given their behavior throughout the litigation with AbleChild. Did Lanza take medication at any time in his life?

The psychiatrist who prescribed it? Beyond that, Sedensky does not provide the source for this statement, which is contradictory on a number of levels. Again, Sedensky does not provide the source of this information, and it also is contradictory to statements made by friends and neighbors of Nancy Lanza. Furthermore, what was the recommended medication?

Did Lanza have an adverse reaction and then refuse to take the medication? How many medications had Lanza been prescribed throughout his life?

OpenDocument " Was kann die Veilchensalbe nach Hildegard. Erst habe ich darüber gelacht, teils konfluierenden makulösen Exanthem von rotbrauner Farbe. Das überschaubare Teilnehmerfeld, während er ständig mit irgendwelchen Leuten über sein Handy telefoniert.

Er zählt, hat sich aber auch als Arznei zur Go here und Linderung diverser Leiden eingebürgert, da ich in der Klinik nach einer OP mir auf Anraten gleich ein paar Äderchen mit weg Spin Palace Casino Casino Russisch offizielle Website online lassen wollte, Cremes und Tabletten.

Hier ist er glücklich, der Stolz der Werkstatt.

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